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About Gary

Gary Cannon has been in the comedy business for over 20 years. After arriving in Los Angeles, he quickly became a favorite at all the southern California Improv clubs. Gary’s high energy and ability to jump-start a crowd made him an obvious choice for house emcee at not only the Improv but other clubs, including the Laugh Factory and the world-famous Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. Many top headliners requested Gary to open their shows, including Ken Jeong (Community/The Masked Singer), Craig Robinson (The Office) and Jimmy O Yang (Silicon Valley/Crazy Rich Asians).

Gary’s high energy and likability led him to do a unique job in television called an audience warm-up comic. Anyone attending a television taping has probably met Gary. He gets the crowd excited before and during production and has worked on some of the biggest shows in entertainment, including The Masked Singer, Conan O’Brien, James Corden, Will & Grace, The Connors and Dr Phil, to name a few.

Gary is most proud of his work with the USO performing for our troops and their families. In addition to performances in Iraq, Kuwait and South Korea, Gary just served as host and emcee for the Heroes Honor Festival, an event at the Daytona International speedway with over 30,000 people in attendance celebrating our military.

When Gary isn’t on stage performing, he is more than likely working as an animal advocate. He works tirelessly, saving and transporting dogs from the shelter to vets and forever homes. During the pandemic, Gary housed over twelve dogs until they were safely placed with new owners.

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Warm Up

If you have ever attended a taping of a live television show, chances are you’ve seen Gary. His job is to make sure the audience is excited and ready to go when the show starts. Gary started his warm up career over 20 years ago with former Late Late Show host Craig Kilborn. His rapid fire and ability to jump start a crowd quickly made him candidates for other high profile shows including America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars and Conan O’brien to name a few.

Gary is currently the audience warm up comic for the Jennifer Hudson daytime talkshow and the hit Fox reality competition show The Masked Singer.




Stand Up

Gary Cannon began his stand up career in San Francisco back in 1998. He quickly began working the Punchline honing his craft as one of the breakout new faces on the scene. Comedy Central took notice and Gary was one of ten comics selected to perform in their Laugh Riots competition.

In 2002 Gary packed his bags and moved to LA where he was soon working at the top clubs. Because of his high energy and ability to jump start a crowd, Gary was a regular host for some of the top shows at the Hollywood Improv. Many headliners would request Gary to open for them on the road.

Gary performs regularly in Las Vegas and is proud to say he works all the major clubs in town including Comedy Cellar at RIO, Brad Garretts Comedy club at MGM Grand and Laugh Factory at Tropicana.

Gary has entertained crowds from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between. Recently Gary was passed at the world famous Comedy Cellar in New York City which for a comic is a big honor.

Gary is involved in a great program called helping kids learn the art and gain confidence doing stand up comedy. After the eight week program the kids get to go on stage and do their acts in front of friends and family.

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Upcoming gigs featuring Gary Cannon

Shows and Events

  • 7/11 - 7/12
    Hermosa Beach, CA
    Comedy & Magic club
  • 7/13
    Hollywood, CA
    Improv @ 7 pm
  • 7/13
    Hollywood, CA
    Laugh Factory @ 10 pm
  • 7/15
    Hollywood, CA
    Improv @ 7:15 pm
  • 7/20
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Rivers Casino Third Annual Comedy Jam
    Benefiting the Mario Lemieux Foundation
  • 7/25
    Calabasas, CA
    Calabasas Country Club w/ Maz Jobrani
  • 7/26 - 7/27
    Phoenix, AZ
    Stand Up Live w/ Craig Robinson
  • 7/28
    Tempe, AZ
    Tempe Improv w/ Craig Robinson
  • 9/26 - 9/28
    Tempe, AZ
    Tempe Improv w/ Michael Yo
  • 12/30 - 1/5
    Las Vegas, NV
    Brad Garrett's Comedy Club @ MGM Grand


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stand up, warm up, corporate comedian

Corporate Events

Before Gary became a comedian he spent several years working in the sales industry. Selling everything from copiers to long distance service.

Gary’s background in sales make him the perfect comic host for Corporate Events, Sales Meetings and Christmas parties. His fresh approach makes the whole corporate sales experience fun, entertaining, and memorable!

Recently Gary was hired to host a three day corporate sales gig for Colgate in Miami. Since Gary has been to many sales events he knows what it takes to make an audience upbeat and leaving them wanting more. Gary’s approach to corporate events is personability. Finding out as much about the company and it’s environment and it’s people before the event begins.

As a corporate entertainer, Gary has an outstanding ability to interact with a very wide of audiences. His comedic style combines improvisation and workplace appropriate humour, delivered with a polished and professional edge. Every corporate gig is different and tailored for each specific company. Gary spends many hours preparing to make sure each event is unique and every client satisfied.

Pre-work and research is vital to the relevance and success of his routine for every corporate event. Gary gives it his all to ensure that when you book him he is on the mark with his customized and original material, that promises to wildly entertain your group.

Corporate Reel

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podcast with Steve Byrne & Gary Cannon

The Gentlemen’s Dojo

The Gentlemen's Dojo Podcast with Steve Byrne & Gary Cannon

Welcome to the Gentlemen’s Dojo – a weekly podcast Gary does with his good buddy and fellow comic Steve Byrne. Steve and Gary met years ago when Gary was doing warm up on the Late Late Show with then host Craig Kilborn and Steve was a guest doing stand up. After the show Steve said if he ever got his own show he would want Gary to do the warm up.

Fast forward years later Steve did in fact get his own show. A sitcom on TBS called Sullivan & Son which ran for three great seasons. After each season wrapped Steve and the other comics from the show would hit the road touring and promoting the show. Gary was their opening act and over the course of three summers Gary and Steve became very close friends.

Their relationship is a fun brotherly one with Gary constantly busting on Steve. This has translated to their successful podcast where they welcome a variety of guests from successful authors, comedians, actors, game show hosts and all around interesting people.

The Gentlemen’s Dojo is currently on hiatus but listen to past episodes below including Vince Vaughn, Colin Jost, Howie Mandel, The Impractical Jokers, Bert Kreischer, Marc Maron and one of our favorites Episode 119 where Gary and Steve chat with the woman who gave Gary a one star review online after his performance at a corporate event.

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Latest Podcasts

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Podcast Reviews

Love it!

Steve and Gary are great. This podcast cracks me up! Plus, the interviews are great, too.


Gentleman’s dojo?

What happened to Gary’s shirt? Did he have to return it to Kohls?? Why does Steve look skinny in a suit and fat and in everything else? This podcast is the best 30 minutes you’ll never get back.


Enjoying the Dojo!

Good Podcast : -) Comedian Steve Byrne (from TBS Sullivan & Son, Several 1 Hr. specials, headlining touring comedy career etc.) and fellow comedian & friend, Gary Cannon have a fun show. Listening to these guys goof on each other is hilarious and they have had good call in and in studio guests discussing interesting topics. Stand-up Comedy fans help spread the word for your favorite comedians.

Keith J. from Brooklyn NY

Top 5 podcasts

Love this podcast & love Steve and Gary. The podcast always makes me laugh & smile. It’s friendly banter and fun stories. Keep up the great work. Much Love from a proud member of the Byrne & Cannon Auxiliary Librarians & PTA group

Jlynn Jax76

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